belated bloom day ~ May

the nice weather early last week had me in the garden most of the day and evening, the continued drier weather had me in the garden all week except Sunday, Sunday and this morning (Monday) I spent finishing my last French essay for the course I’m doing, so, blogging and blog reading have been put on hold, the forecast is for a wet week this week so I am glad I ‘made the most’ of the drier garden while it lasted,

despite the cold winds the brave plants in my garden are blooming, I don’t think I have ever had so many blooms, the addition of more plants has of course been the main reason for the fuller look in some areas, my favourite delight has been that I finally have erythroniums,

Erythronium dens-canis ‘Rose Queen’ which of 3 plants had only one flower, which flowered at the end of April, but I just had to include it, I didn’t see it fully open so didn’t get a photo, the alder terrace bed,
Erythronium californicum ‘White Beauty’ I love this one,
Erythronium ‘Pagoda’ finally I see some flowers, there are 10 planted in the woodland border but the east wind has dried them before they fully opened,
Caltha palustis, Marsh marigold, Kingcup, and daffodils in the ditch,
alder garden, the geums are starting to flower,
Primula Veris, Cowslip, sorry it’s blurry, I blame the wind, I wanted to show the markings in the flowers, cowslips seem so much more fragile than other primulas,
unknown narcissus,
Geranium phaeum
the wildflower slope,
remember the bulbs and corms that were pulled up last autumn and winter, well some survived, Fritillaria ‘Uva vulpis’
and Tulip ‘Clusiana chrysanta’ I am absolutely loving these species tulips and intend to buy more this autumn, when closed they are red but when open inside they are pure gold, beautiful,
the damp meadow as always at this time of year is ‘a host of golden daffodils’
from another angle, there are lots of native primroses too, and Euphorbia palustris, I have three small plants from cuttings I took last year and I want to divide this clump to make more of it as it is lovely and goes well with the big yellow daffs,
dogwood border, the unweeded side, I like these double daffs with the dogwood stems which will be cut soon,
I have managed to keep the grass and weeds down along part of the woodland edge, I know the primmy stands out but lower your eyes a little and you will see 2 blue anemone flowers, I never planted these they have seeded and are doing better than the parent plants, so they know where best to grow,
Arum americana, Skunk cabbage, has had 4 spathes this year, never before, the east wind has blown over the first 2 and now the leaves are growing these last 2 have a better chance of remaining,
the white bluebells under the trees are just starting to open,
back towards the house, Tulip ‘Queen of the Night’ and Heuchera ‘Blackberry Jam’ the heuchera has suffered with the winter winds, I thought I’d lost it but it is a brave little plant, I am though going to move it to the species rose border where it will not be so exposed,
the tulips in the pots are flowering but not what I thought I was buying, there are still some in bud when they are all out so I can see what they are like I am going to write a post about them,
the phormium bed, Euphorbia ‘Martinii’ wallflowers and saxifraga flowering behind,
Tulips Jimmy and Ronaldo with wallflowers behind, I am loving the greens with the dark flowers and this added pop of orange, Euphorbia ‘Humpty Dumpty’ in the foreground, this didn’t flower last year so we will see what this year brings,
Symphytum × uplandicum, Russian comfrey just starting to flower in the birch border,
and Silene dioica, red campion,
Wallflower Ivory white, yes it is ivory white, with so much yellow I thought the nursery had made a mistake but no, the operative word in the name is Ivory, which as we know is not white, they are making a nice show and they seem unfased by the wind unlike the wind burnt narcissus,
this border was part of my end of month view last year and I had noticed and asked for suggestions for spring planting as it was empty of flower after the crocus and narcissi, the added planting shows it is so much fuller and flowery this year, thanks for suggestions, Muscheri aucheri White magic
Ivory white wallflowers in the jungle front bed, the dark soil is a compost mulch,
Erica erigena ‘Brightness’ which used to be pulsating with pollinators but not in this cooler weather, there was some activity early last week but it has gone too cold again,
Saxifraga ‘Golden falls’
unknown daffodils, they are quite sweet small blooms and some stems have 2 flowers,
unknown narcissi, these too are sweet small blooms with 2 blooms on some stems, twins,
sorry there are so many photos but I have never had so many to share before, and there are times of the year when there in nothing blooming, so forgive me,

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wordless Wednesday ~ we have warm



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tree following ~ Betula pubescens ~ May

the birch I am following is not in leaf yet, as you can see top left of the photo the one next to it has young leaves, that one always leafs out first where as the one I am following tends to be one of the last to leaf out, to me these sort of differences between trees of the same type, in the same conditions is a part of their own individual character,
the leaf buds are fattening up and turning green,
looking down …..
we see the primmies are flowering, I had though they were all primroses, Primula vulgaris, but shortly after the last post the one on the left developed a flower stem and I saw it is oxlip, P. Elatior, both these primroses seed around my garden, the oxlip is showing signs of the weather now,
Primula Elatior, Oxlip, 3 weeks ago when it first flowered,
there are a couple of other selfseeded natives too, the bright chrysanthemum like flowers of Dandelion, Taraxacum officinale, and just out of picture between the trees and fence there are buttercup leaves coming through the mulch, thankfully not creeping buttercup but meadow buttercup, Ranunculus acris,
the Hawthorns either side of the birch are tiny and have not grown, I wasn’t sure if they were even alive, however, I dug them up and replanted them, I am pleased to see one has started to put out some leaf growth,
thank you to Pat for hosting this interesting meme, please follow the link to Pat’s blog to see more tree following posts,

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