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Nymans – again ….

Down south again, went to Nymans Monday, posting from the dreaded tablet so words will be few and photos so, so, took 189 photos here are the first few,

20150727_13475620150727_13501320150727_13493920150727_13522820150727_13584520150727_13591320150727_14073320150727_14075120150727_13284620150727_13295220150727_13295620150727_133018the front of the house is a real sun trap,

I had a lovely day and enjoyed it, x

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the garden visiting I posted photos of 12 days ago was at Nymans, having the use of a car and my grandsons being at school for 6 hours a day I had thought I would do some garden visiting but in February most of the gardens were closed for winter and those that were open like Nymans were only open at the weekend, anyway I decided that after a day in London and inside most of the time on the Saturday then if the weather permitted on Sunday we were going to visit Nymans, when we arrived I was a bit surprised by the number of people but then remembered as a National Trust property many people have membership and go frequently, quite a lot were kitted out with wellies to go walking in the woods and if I was a regular visitor I would probably be doing the same, however, as a first time visitor who is starved of garden visiting I wanted to see the gardens, I was pleased to see quite a lot of Erica being used with shrubs and grasses, something I am trying to establish, most of the Nymans erica’s are winter flowering, I love the sheen on the grass in the sunlight,
I love the ericas with the bright coloured stems, I think this was cornus midwinter fire I noticed it seemed to be a favourite,
same group from the other side with the sun behind me,
more midwinter fire, the tan/orange coloured bark on the tree attracted me too,
looking along the planting of cornus,
from the other end, I should, must make more of mine,
could not see a name for these young red stems,
a shrub I hear so much about on blogs but had never seen, quite pretty in the sunlight,
I have said that benefit to wildlife and perfume are as important to me in a plant as the mere way it looks and for me in this garden the real stars were called Daphne! I have never seen them before and can’t say they did/do anything for me visually BUT! the perfume was/is amazing, I could smell this wonderful perfume and started looking for it, having heard so much about the scent of hamamelis I was sure it must be one of them, no. eventually I found the perfume culprit and more of them in other parts of the garden,
I love the look of this but do not know what the shrub or grasses are, beautiful,
these little dry grasses looked nice and gave a feeling of flowers though they are seedheads,
a long row of these stiff grasses backed by an evergreen hedge, no labels again,
this looks out of place somehow for Britain in February even for the south of England, beautiful though, it was cordoned off so you could not walk here,
this is more Britain in February, there were lots of snowdrops and cyclamen coum, I made the mistake of taking too many photos with sun on them and now on the computer they look washed out,  
2 of the tan/orange bark trees, Luma from Chile,
back from Chile to our beautiful Birches,
and as we walked back to the car park I took this photo, my grandson had commented when we arrived about the height of these 2 trees, it was fenced off so no label, I thought with the late afternoon sun on the varied foliage and the bright seedheads of the pampas grass it all looked quite lovely without a bloom in sight,
the white boxes artwork, apparently it is a light artwork shown on Friday evenings,
by the following Friday I was back home and the previous Friday I had been roped into an ‘I’m a parent get me out of here’ evening at my youngest sons cubs meeting, which incidentally turned out to be more fun than it sounded, better than a lit box!

the BBC did a programme about Nymans last year and I noticed it is on iplayer again for the next few days if anyone is interested follow the link,

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wordless Wednesday – garden visiting


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wet wordless Wednesday ;o)


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as the rain, hail and this morning horizontal snow march on across the island with a cold sun peeking out occasionally just to tease I have nothing to post about the garden, I’ve done no interesting sewing or art work so to take myself to a warmer place I went through some photos I took in January when I had another holiday chasing the sun, for those of you who are also surviving in rain, snow, cold, frost, ice, howling winds, etc. etc. view and join me in my dream of the warmth of some sun, for those who are living in warmer places and already enjoying the sun do you know the names of any of these plants, many are like nothing I’ve ever seen before and quite alien to me but I like them all and love some, 


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