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Nymans ~ the rock garden

the rock garden is at the edge of the hill, Nymans being at the top of a hill, so the rock garden is exposed to winds that come across Sussex from the English channel, it’s far enough inland to not be subjected to salt winds but the winds can be quite strong at times, when I visited in February last year this area was closed, when I visited in July it was open, it is a work in progress so areas have small plants which have not matured yet, it is largely a foliage garden mostly grasses and grass like plants,
by the lantern where you can see the pale grasses in this photo there are stone steps going up the slope, you can see them in a photo from the tablet near the end of the post,
these last three photos were taken with the tablet,
all the photos were taken July 2015

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the garden of artists I posted some photos of Monday is Charleston, the home of artists Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Bloomsbury group,
I tried to visit this garden once before when I was looking after my grandsons during term time, I had found a website that said the garden opened at 11am, when I arrived I was told no it isn’t open until 1pm, as I had to be back to collect the boys from school at 3, so leaving at around 2pm, it simply was not worth going back, this time I had them with me so no worries, when we arrived not long after opening time the car park already looked full, at the far end there were just a few places left, I thought this would mean the garden was packed with people, but no, the cafe on the other hand was packed, as if most had only come for food, the house seemed to have a number of visitors, I didn’t go in the house, I didn’t feel like it,
the boys were in silly mode and full of energy so we walked down the outside of the garden where there is a pond and room to run, then a small picnic field that no one was in, I did suggest they might like to stay here and play about, but they wanted to come with me, we walked around the wall at the bottom of the garden and into the walled garden through an open door, there were hollyhocks, so many hollyhocks, I have tried to grow hollyhocks but they do not like my soil and climate,
the garden style is country cottage, wonderfully, an exhuberance of colour and texture, just inside the door was a small potager veg area,

francescaple.bell18this path goes along the bottom of the garden, on the left is the wall and right is the potager up to the door, then from the door to the white seat is a patio where the fountain and mosaics in the previous post are, the door you can see is the one we came through,

francescaple.bell19various views,

francescaple.bell20francescaple.bell21francescaple.bell22from the house there is a central lawn, the only formality is a low lavender hedge around the lawn on 3 sides, the fourth being the house, the small water lily pond in the previous post is at the end of the lawn furthest from the house,

francescaple.bell23wide borders full of flowers surrounded the lawn, there are narrow paths through these borders,

francescaple.bell24francescaple.bell25francescaple.bell26the potager again,

francescaple.bell27between the flower borders and the potager and small patio there is a hedge,

francescaple.bell28I like the undulations, it’s like a large green caterpillar,

francescaple.bell29back outside the walled garden roses climb,

francescaple.bell30I love the flint wall, when I lived down there I never gave flint a second thought, it was there, everywhere, then I moved west and found myself missing seeing flint walls, flint in house walls and I still miss it, sometimes it seems strange what we can find ourselves missing when we move from where we grew up,

francescaple.bell31and the big pond,

francescaple.bell32another photo of the potager, I just loved these wonderful huge heads,


I could say and write many posts on the Bloomsbury group but I am just concentrating on this garden, there is plenty of information already available written by people who know,

if you would like to know more about Charleston then follow this link to the website,
to learn more about any of the following just do a quick internet search and you will get lots of links,
The Bloomsbury group
Vanessa Bell (I would suggest adding ‘artist’ or ‘Bloomsbury’ after Vanessa’s name as there is an actress with the same name)
Duncan Grant

I have found information on the Charleston website that the fountain in the previous post was created by Vanessa’s son Quentin Bell,

this is the second of two posts on Charleston, after publishing this post I will update the previous post with links, to read it just click the words ‘previous post‘,

hope you enjoyed x

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the garden of artists

as I previously said I visited 3 gardens when I was in Sussex in July, as this garden was home to two visual artists I thought I would start with the art in the garden, I do not know anything about the art,

words like, modesty, blushing, come to mind when I saw this statue,
I had for years collected pieces of pottery and china, I have many ideas to use them but all the rain of recent years and a second wet summer, I dumped it all as foundations for a path, you need dry weather for things like this,
I love the seedlings, they are why I took this photo, full of opportunity,
yes I had two boys with me visiting this garden, the 2 blue toes top right are young grandson, the dark blue toe bottom left belongs to older grandson, update the fish mosaic is by Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant 1917,
I love this fountain, love art nouveau style, update this fountain was created by Vanessa’s son Quentin Bell,
the blushing lady revealed,
why as children do we have this urge to stand in the middle, I can remember doing it, my children did it, my grandchildren do and when I worked with children they all did it too, there must be an innate reason, I think this is ‘The Piazza‘,
most of the patterning was abstract, even random,
I though he looked a bit aggressive,
echos another visual artist, the water lily pond,
I will post the flora in a couple of days and write about the garden then,

I have now posted the second post which follows this one, the garden is Charleston, home of Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury group, you can read the post here, and find the Charleston website here,

the storms here have been as usual and we did not have as much rain as southern Scotland and northern England, parts of Cumbria had as much rain in a day as we have had in a month here, that much rain in a month is horrid but in a day just doesn’t bare thinking about, my heart goes out to all the people made temporarily homeless by the storm last week, your clean up job, drying out and repairs will take time, for some a long time, x
the professor that said on radio Scotland a few years, that the melting of the arctic ice cap would result in more rain, a lot more rain, appears to have got it right, sadly,

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