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July 2015 Monk’s House a writer’s garden part 2

the Writer,
in my last post I posted photos of a writer’s garden and last December I wrote 2 posts about an Artist’s garden, you can read those posts here the garden of Artists and here Charleston,

the Artist is Vanessa Bell and the Writer her sister Novelist Virginia Woolf, the 2 houses are not very far from each other on the edge of the Southdowns, a line of chalk hills across the south east of England, there is another line of hills a bit further north, just south of London, they are the North downs, I grew up close to these downs and lived the longest part of my life near them,
you can walk from each of the sister’s house to the others’ and it is said they used to visit each other frequently,
there were lots of pots in the flower garden many looked old though I do not know if they were there in Virginia’s time,
there are also pieces of old garden equipment, again I do not know if they are from when Virginia and Leonard Woolf lived there,
there is a long conservatory across most of the back of the house,
Erigeron karvinskianus, mexican daisy had seeded every where, though this bucket was probably planted, since living on Lewis things like this make me smile as on the island the bucket and content would be whisked away by the winds,
I loved these terracotta pots/urns and the narrow brick paths,
the wall in the foreground is where the bust of Virginia is in the garden,
Virginia is just off to the right, you can see the bust of Leonard at the far end,
they look over a small quiet lawn, a very peaceful enclosed part of the garden,
there is a flint wall across at this end of the enclosed flower garden, a seat over looks the small old orchard,
the greenhouse is in the orchard, I love Virginia’s diary entry, I think all gardeners ‘water their gardens with money’
Virginia’s writing hut is at the edge of the orchard, I can’t believe I don’t have a photo, I can only assume I could not get one without people, as you leave the orchard there is a large grassed area with open views over the Weald of Sussex, the flat low land between the North and South downs, I don’t have a photo, sorry, there is a set of bowls on the grass for visitors to have a game, my grandsons enjoyed playing,
to the right behind a high hedge is the vegetable garden, this is where Leonard Woolf grew most of their fruit and veg, apparently he was an avid gardener,
the garden is now owned and run by the National Trust,

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July 2015 a writer’s garden part 1

as the weather here now is back to wet, more wet and did I say wet!
and as I still had not posted about the third garden I visited when staying in Sussex last July,
now is the time to remind myself
and anyone else experiencing non summer weather
of a lovely summer garden,
I can’t provide the sounds so when viewing these photos
imagine you can hear a constant buzz of pollinators
and chirping of birds,
the warmth of the sun on your skin
and the multiple perfumes of summer flowers in an English country  garden,
I like the bark of this tree, imagine sitting in it’s shade,

I will post more of the garden and the gardeners in part 2 in a couple of days, x

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Nymans ~ the rock garden

the rock garden is at the edge of the hill, Nymans being at the top of a hill, so the rock garden is exposed to winds that come across Sussex from the English channel, it’s far enough inland to not be subjected to salt winds but the winds can be quite strong at times, when I visited in February last year this area was closed, when I visited in July it was open, it is a work in progress so areas have small plants which have not matured yet, it is largely a foliage garden mostly grasses and grass like plants,
by the lantern where you can see the pale grasses in this photo there are stone steps going up the slope, you can see them in a photo from the tablet near the end of the post,
these last three photos were taken with the tablet,
all the photos were taken July 2015

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