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I started my first blog in January 2005 which I deleted in May 2006, I have all the posts and photos from april 2005 and have re-posted some on this blog, later that year I started a blog with the BBC Island blogging, in 2010 I incorporated into this blog the posts from my blog on BBC island blogging as the BBC closed down their Island blogging site,

in 2008 for one year I posted a photo a day on this blog, with the exception of the first two each photo was been taken on the day that it is shown,

in 2010 I almost gave up blogging altogether, so my change for the new year was to get back into blogging, I was no longer posting a photo a day, the blog was changing and so was I,

my early blog posts are all about my textile work but over the years it has changed to a blog about my gardening exploits,

I live on the northern tip of an island off the northwest coast of Scotland, I moved to this house and garden in January 2002, the house need some work to make it warm and water proof, the garden was a combination of peat moorland heath and long over grown strong wild grasses and sphagnum mosses, I was working full time, on a small budget and alone, so progress has been slow, first and foremost the house needed attention, that ‘attention’ seems to be ongoing with more work appearing, like the large crack over a window that currently needs money and attention,

there is an enclosed front garden which was where I started first, two years later in 2004 it was looking beautiful, however with the arrival of rabbits in 2008 things changed,

summer 2004

summer 2004

in the wider garden surrounding the other three sides of the house I started with the grass and moss, the moorland heath is still that, for one month a year it goes a beautiful purple but the other 11 months it is dark green or brown,

the weather seriously prevented much gardening in 2014 and 2015,

the view from my kitchen window taken January 2010

the view from my kitchen window taken January 2010

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15 responses to “about this blog

  1. What a glorious kitchen window view!


  2. I love the idea of a photo a day, and yours are gorgeous.
    If I were to do the same thing, my readers would be bored silly! On the other hand, I may take up the challenge.

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  3. Hi Frances! I was wondering if you would let me add a link to your blog on my site. Thanks.


  4. I look forward to learning more about your island home.
    Aside from all the British mysteries that I consume, I’ve yet to visit Scotland or U.K. isles.

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  5. Hi Frances,
    My, how different our locations must be from each other! I’m so glad you found my blog and look forward to reading more of your posts with your fabulous photos. I use Elements, also, and neglecting to read the manual, have still figured out a few things. I use it mostly to remove garden hoses or other annoyances from my photos.


    • hello Sue, yes our locations are very different that’s one of the things I like about blogging seeing different places through the eyes of the people who live in them, I’ve only dipped into the elements manual when I get stuck but have never found it much help. I learn more from trial and error or other people, your fog photos are beautiful, we don’t get fogs much here but when I lived in the south of England I often saw them, Frances


  6. helen jessie ryan

    Hi Frances,
    enjoyed your blog about your island. you seem to ejnoy being close to nature. What animals do you see. One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. Sha kespeare.


    • hello Helen so glad you left a comment, yes I love being close to nature, not so many animals but lots of birds wish I could get good photos of them, a lovely Shakespearien quote, love Frances


  7. Hi Frances,

    I am currently working on a project about place and identity on Lewis and am glad to have stumbled across your blog. Would just like to know, what does the coastline / sea mean to you? I know that being on an island like the Hebrides you are never too far off from the sea…It must be very nice.

    I am hoping to visit the western isles soon, was curious to know if there are any coastal trails along Lewis and places you would personally recommend a visit?

    Well, I look forward to your next blog & I hope to hear from you soon!
    Cheers lil


  8. Hi Frances, thank you again for the use of your lovely picture. I’ve posted about it. P


  9. Hi there,

    I came across your blog while searching for items on Shiaba, where some of my family came from. I was born in Sydney, Australia, but now live in Glasgow doing Gaelic work. Are you still active online? I would live to hear more about the families that you’ve met who are descended from Shiaba,..

    Mìle taing,



  10. What an amazing place to live! There is a part of me that yearns for that sort of isolation and solitude, but I think I would struggle with the long dark days of Winter – how is it for you? Love that view from your kitchen window.

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