Beth Chatto garden 2 the flowers

in my previous Beth Chatto post I forgot to give a link to the website so here is the link to The Beth Chatto Gardens

in this post I show photos of some of the many plants in flower, there are only a few close up views of flowers as I was most interested in the context of the planting,

I loved the view of these agapanthus with the burgundy foliage behind,

I like the see through quality of Verbena bonariensis,

another wonderful background for these electric blue agapanthus,

you may by now have realised I do have a preference for blue, mauve and purple flowers,

I like the way the blues and purples are echoed in the foliage of the sage and the slender stem of complementary yellow,

update I have now posted all 3 Beth Chatto garden posts if you would like to see the other 2 please follow the links,

the Beth Chatto garden 1 the longview

the Beth Chatto garden 3 the foliage

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18 responses to “Beth Chatto garden 2 the flowers

  1. paulinemulligan

    Lovely garden, they must have had plenty of rain for their hydrangeas to be looking so good. Beth Chatto is a master at putting plants together so that their contrasting foliage, as well as the flower shapes and colours complement each other. The garden is looking wonderful, you must have had a good time there.


    • they had had lots of rain Pauine, I noticed immediatly how wet the grass and soil were, some areas of grass were roped off as too wet and slippy or the grass had started to turn into a mud patch, the second to last photo above is the ‘dry’ gravel garden see the large puddle in the path,
      I was really taken with the combinations of foliage and have never seen any like it before, Beth Chatto isn’t just a plants woman/gardener she is an artist too and clearly has an eye for colour and form, I want to go again, Frances


  2. Looks like you had a lovely visit, great photos of wonderful views and beautiful planting.


  3. Breathtaking!!!!! Thank you for showing us these brilliant planting combinations. Marion


  4. My favourite and I think the most inspirational garden there is. Thanks for sharing your visit. Chrisitna


  5. Frances you have been very snap happy at Beth Chatto. What, plants apart, takes you there? Love that lythrum salicifolia


  6. What a fabulous garden! I appreciate the way you showed the flowers in context.


  7. Frances these borders are what i aspire to. I love all the blue, purple, plum and mauves too. I especially like the larger groupings of the plants like the astilbe and salvia. So many ideas and texture.


  8. Some truly beautiful planting combinations there Frances, thank you for showing the context so well. I am filing that wonderful agapanthus against purple foliage image away for the front garden here.