EoMV and best and worst for July

I don’t feel there is much this month for end of month view, I’ve done quite a lot but it’s mundane work, the damp meadow has changed colour to yellows and white,

the other garden I’ve shown at end of month view is the jungle side of the front garden which is becoming better and not so jungle like, it too has changed colour from blue to red and yellow,

I’ve been clearing more of the unwanted weeds and grass, there are plants I want but not necessarily in the jungle so I am putting them in pots which you may have noticed in the above photo, there are 2 dog roses in this garden and neither have flowered much this year or last year I think it must be those north/east winds back in March/April killing the buds as they start to form, off to the left of the above photo there is this Pontentillia with Lucifer,  

in the tweenie garden musk mallow has finally revealed her blooms, I mistakenly dug several of these out last year thinking they were buttercup where I didn’t want buttercup, I hope these seed around abit though the flower is much more pink than I expected,

for my best and worst I’ll show worst first so I can finish with something nice, my worst is the attack of something on both my bronze fennel plants, I don’t have a whole photo of before but here is one behind the geraniums,

they were over 3 foot tall and beautiful then a couple of weeks ago I noticed them weeping on closer look I saw some greenfly, I’ve never seen greenfly in the garden or on the island  before but this was the second time this year, the fennel looked so awful I cut them right back and put the cuttings in the councils hot recycling bin not my compost, the roots are large so I think they will come back,

up until about a week ago I was thinking my best was the continuing dry weather, we had a bit of rain which watered the garden but still mainly dry, not any more the wet is back rain nearly every day and some very heavy downpours, ok weather gods you can turn the taps off now!

recently a garden bloging friend wrote about a thief in her garden, this had me thinking and a bit concerned, I planted 3 gooseberry bushes last year and though I was not expecting fruit this year the bushes are growing strong and I noticed some fruit,

so I decided this week to gather them though some were not quiet ready, there were only a few on the green and yellow gooseberries but I was surprised by the number on the red gooseberry and they are delicious,  

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14 responses to “EoMV and best and worst for July

  1. Frances that first photo took my breath away…what an absolutely incredible view and the flowers are just amazing…wow. You have rain, we have drought. I have never eaten gooseberries and they do look delicious. I am weeding and assessing the garden as well and will link in with Helen and Bumble Lush Monday although lots of other things to post about before then.


    • thanks Donna, I am lucky with the view outside my garden and the damp meadow is not too bad just now, it’s why I don’t want to box everything in with lots and lots of wind proof hedges, our rain is recent we have had dry for nearly 3 months the water company has told us to go easy on water as stocks are getting low, I’m just hoping the rain isn’t here for the rest of the year, I saw your comments on Helen and Bumble lush blogs and look forward to your posts, I need to do some blog reading to catch up, Frances


  2. paulinemulligan

    Envy is not nice, but I envy your gooseberries, enjoy them!! Ours were so huge with all the rain and I was really looking forward to them, well, you know what happened to them!! I’m sure your fennel will come back, I quite often have to cut mine back when it is blocking the path and it always resprouts.


    • Pauline I was surprised when I read your post about your thief as I would have thought gooseberries would be too large for relatively small birds those beaks look small but must open wide or they do a lot of pecking, I am already thinking about netting for next year, I think the fennel will suvive when I saw the green one down after the 2 brozne fennels had been cut I thought well they say everything goes in 3s, I have 2 more green fennels growing, I love the texture, aroma and look of the fennels, Frances


  3. Frances, thank you so much for linking up! Sorry about the fennel plants. I think we often call gooseberries ground cherries. My ground cherries have a husk around them (like a tomatillo). How do you use/cook with your gooseberries?


    • Bumblelush, I think my gooseberries are a different plant to your ground cherries/cape gooseberries, no husk or any thing like that on my gooseberries which grow on a shrub like plant, the green are the most common kind and often sour to taste so are usually cooked with suger for pies and crumbles, the red are sweeter though not very sweet, they are eaten raw or cooked, when cooking you just stew like you would with many fruits, ajusting to personal taste, they also make good jam, Frances


  4. patientgardener

    I planted a red gooseberry bush this autumn but its too small to fruit this year but having read how delicious yours are I cant wait until next year. Sorry to hear about your fennel thats very weird I thought they were pretty indestrucible.
    Thanks for joining in again this month


    • Helen I planted my gooseberries spring 2011 they grew quite well last year and very well this year, I thought it is weird with my fennel, I’ve had them 10 years when I moved the bronze last year it was 2 plants must have been 2 seedlings originally, never any sign of anything before, I don’t know if it is the dry spell but I’ve never seen greenfly before on the island, Frances


  5. The view across your damp meadow is always one of my favorites! Just breathtaking. Your gooseberries look delicious. I have never eaten one. Do they taste like grapes?


    • thanks Deb, gooseberries are nothing like grapes in taste and texture, I don’t know how to describe the taste and can’t think of anything similar, did you see my reply to Bumble lush about them, Frances


  6. Lots of colour in your garden. We have a sidalcea planted as a bareroot in the autumn that is much deeper pink than I expected too.
    The gooseberries – especially the red ones – look delicious.


  7. Hello Frances, like some of the others I also think the view across your damp meadow is stunning. Gooseberries always remind me of my grandparents garden, and your right it would be hard to liken them to any other fruit.