wildflower Wednesday


Golden feverfew

Wild orchid

Red clover


Scots thistle


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8 responses to “wildflower Wednesday

  1. They are really beautifl,Thanks for showing us.


  2. paulinemulligan

    Our lawn is looking quite blue in places with self heal, you have lots of lovely wild flowers, the bees must love all your red clover. Do you know what sort of orchid you have?


    • thanks Pauline, I encourage nice wildflowers and have nurtured that clump of red clover, the bees do love it and clover is good for putting nitrogen into the soil, no I don’t know which sort either of the orchids are (I showed the purple one last month), I’ve found websites with orchids native to the islands but mine are not there, the website are private ones by indivuals, Frances


  3. Frances i really love seeing your wildflowers. We have red clover here that was brought to the States and folks use it to lure deer when hunting. It was planted in the woods that used to be on the property where my house is now. They look more lovely in your garden. I also love that thistle.


    • thanks Donna, I didn’t know red clover lured deer, so far it hasn’t lured the island deer to my garden and I hope it doesn’t, the thistle is nice to the individual flowers as they turn mauve but the whole plant is a hulking great thing with very sharp spiney leaves you wouldn’t want to get close, I’ve got to get it out as I don’t want thousands of seeds but I enjoy the flowers so I’m cutting them off after flowering, wearing thick gloves, Frances


  4. Wonderful wildflowers. Feverfew is one of my favourites, it has self seeded all over my garden and I just love the bright flowers.


    • thanks Marguerite, this golden feverfew seeds around the garden but when I had a feverfew plant it didn’t seed and didn’t return after the first year as I already had the golden version I didn’t bother to replace it, I love daisy flowers, I love the way nice plants selfseed around and grow sometimes in the most unusual places, Frances