wildflower Wednesday

there hasn’t been much in the garden to post about and the dry weather continued so I have spent long days in the garden, it got so dry I even got the hose out but that might all change as today we have had a little rain though not much, the forecast is rain for the rest of the week, there are quite a few wildflowers blooming which the bees are enjoying,

Daisies, this is a nice patch that has grown in an area where I have killed off the grass but want to dig out some of the soil to make it a lower level so I am hoping I can dig these out like a turf and replant on the wildflower slope,

Foxgloves the tallest one is over 6 feet which is the tallest they have ever been in my garden,

Foxglove and visitor

one flower I love appearing when I clear the horrid grass is the wild orchid seen here with a self sown wild primrose

the red campion is still flowering

one white campion has appeared

I love seeing plants and flowers spilling over onto paths

the wildflower slope is slowly improving, the nice grasses are back, I was concerned with all the rain and mild winter that the tough grass would re-appear, the oxeye daisies I added earlier in the year have just started flowering and the fox and cubs (orange hawkweed) is increasing and seeding but not on the slope! best of all I finally have some yellowrattle, 6 plants are growing from the hundreds I’ve sown, it’s a start and it might be an end as yellowrattle is an annual so I will just have to hope it sets seed,

Oxeye daisy with hawkbit

Fox and cubs

I haven’t photos of the strip of grass between the ditch and road which for the most is tough grass but the small area between my 2 gates I have been trying to get rid of the tough grass and let wildflowers in, it is getting better each year at the moment, sea campion, bird’s foot trefoil, silverweed and buttercups are flowering,

I’m joining Gail at clay and limestone for wildflower Wednesday if you would like to see more wildflower blog posts follow this link to Gail’s blog,


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12 responses to “wildflower Wednesday

  1. Lovely wildflowers Frances…I still cannot get over your foxgloves and that campion…such tall beautiful plants of a vibrant dark pink…wonderful to hear the wildflowers are making an appearance and some headway to setting in and setting seed.


    • thanks Donna, the only other time I saw foxgloves that tall were on the Canadian Gulf islands off Canada’s west coast, the campion just goes on and on and there are lots of seedpods forming I’m going to scatter some on the wildflower slope when they are ready and on the wildflower patch out by the road I hope some take, red campion is supposed to be a prennial so I might be able to move some, the white campion is an annual, Frances


  2. paulinemulligan

    What a wonderful selection of wild flowers you have Frances, I think our foxgloves are enjoying all our rain by growing extra tall this year. Your orchid and red campion are beautiful and looking very happy where they are growing, glad to know that your wild flower slope is starting to flower.


    • thanks Pauline, interesting that you think your foxgloves are growing tall due to rain when I am thinking the reason mine are taller is due to the dry period ;o)
      the orchids are beautiful and always a lovely surprise as they pop up in different places every year, Frances


  3. You’re doing a great job with your wild flowers, Christina


  4. I love the foxgloves but really had to see the Fox and cubs bigger. Nice combo of color and texture.


  5. Even in the heat, your flowers are looking beautiful. I love the flowers spilling into the path, too. I’d like to see a photo of that wild orchid when it opens up.


    • thanks Sue, no heat here I wish we had some there have been some strong cold winds from the north and east which the flowers have stood up too well, I’ll probably include more photos of the orchids next month, Frances


  6. Lots of pretty flowers there!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea’s Menagerie