wildflower Wednesday, wildflower slope

update on the wildflower slope, on wfw last month I realised I should have held back the post about the wildflower slope until the 4th Wednesday so decided to remember to this month, I would like to monitor the progress of the wf slope over this year and so will post updates on the 4th Wednesday of the month and link to Gail’s blog,  

for those who would like to read or recap the story of this area of my garden please read the post at the beginning of February by clicking here,

since writing that post we have had some days/mornings/afternoons when I could do a bit of work in the garden, the last week has been very good and I have caught up on some work in the garden, I have been able to move some  Betony/Stachys officinalis

Oxeye daisy/Leucanthemum vulgare

Yarrow/Achillea millefolium

and some Primula,  all to the wildflower slope,

the river of daffodils has just a few blooms as I had expected the bulbs need to grow a bit so most of the daffodils seen in flower are the ones from previous years, I will be moving all the daffodils not part of the river when they finish flowering,

these are the daffodils I have planted for the river of daffodils, I was told by the person who gave me a few when I moved to the house on Scalpay that they were wild daffodils, well last year when GQT was in south Wales they had a photo on their website of the green daffodil of Wales, it looks very like the wild daffodils I have, doing a search online I find there are several so it might not be the same but as my Dad is Welsh I can dream and believe I have Welsh daffodils in my garden,  

when I was doing some weeding in the fruit and berry garden Monday I found this flowering ………… a self seeded Cowslip/Primula veris,

and last week when weeding in the damp meadow (do you get the impression that with all the rain and mild temps the weeds have grown!!!)
anyway as I say I was weeding and found another Fritillary, Fritillaria meleagris hybrid, I planted a lot of these in the autumn of 2002 and none grew but 2 years ago one suddenly appeared (I looked up the date I bought them so got in wrong in the earlier post, you have to scroll to the bottom photo to see the Snakehead fritillary), that one grew last year and is growing now, now another has just appeared, I’m again wondering if the corms are lying underground waiting the right moment to appear and we have had an excessive amount of rain this winter, perhaps my damp meadow isn’t so damp afteral,

if you would like to see more wildflower posts from around the world follow this link to Gail’s blog, enjoy,  

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10 responses to “wildflower Wednesday, wildflower slope

  1. Frances the river of daffs will be gorgeous year after year…growing in nicely …I love all the wildflowers and that wf slope will be gorgeous as it blooms….

  2. islandthreads

    thanks Donna, Frances

  3. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to plant all wildflowers out front so he won’t have to mow the grass anymore. He’s not convinced yet, but maybe as he gets on in years (only 3 more to go til 70) he’ll reconsider and I can have my wildflower garden! Yours is positively brilliant, Frances. The idea of a flower of daffs is wonderful.

    • islandthreads

      thanks Bex, you do have to cut wildflower areas a couple of times a year at least, I cut this more often due to the aggressive grass which I haven’t managed to elliminate yet, good luck with your wildflowers, Frances

  4. What a joy to find that fritillaria in the meadow. They are such lovely plants and I’m glad they decided to grow for you. Nature is full of surprises isn’t it?

    • islandthreads

      it was Marguerite and it is making me rethink about just how damp is my damp meadow as fritillaria like damp meadows and we have had excessive rain this winter so it may not have been damp enough in previous years, Frances

  5. I have wildflower fields – but not at this time of the year!

    • islandthreads

      ooo fields you must have a lot of land Pat, there are a few spring wild flowers here many are early this year due to the unseasonally warmer weather, Frances

  6. I love rivers of plants and just now am working on one of spiderwort~Sweet Kate in lime green! I dream of wildflower hills and meadows! gail

    • I have been taken not only with the idea of a river like the one of daffodils here but after reading Christina’s blog last year she threads rivers through her other plants which I have started to do, Frances