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wet wordless Wednesday ;o)


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as the rain, hail and this morning horizontal snow march on across the island with a cold sun peeking out occasionally just to tease I have nothing to post about the garden, I’ve done no interesting sewing or art work so to take myself to a warmer place I went through some photos I took in January when I had another holiday chasing the sun, for those of you who are also surviving in rain, snow, cold, frost, ice, howling winds, etc. etc. view and join me in my dream of the warmth of some sun, for those who are living in warmer places and already enjoying the sun do you know the names of any of these plants, many are like nothing I’ve ever seen before and quite alien to me but I like them all and love some, 


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Beth Chatto garden 3 the foliage

my third and finally post with photos of the Beth Chatto garden focuses on foliage, one of the first things I noticed was the dense plantings and intertwining foliage, as my visit was early August it would be difficult to take photos without any flowers so several foliage photos include flowers but they are not the focus,  

this was just after a short shower and the hosta leaves looked almost silver due to the water reflecting the light,

as I saw this I just love the 3 tiers, no flowers needed,

loved this plumy foliage the plant on the left hasn’t got white leaves it is light reflection on wet leaves, colour and light are so different after rain,

this shrub was amazing it was as if it was lit from behind, I took several photos but couldn’t capture the light then I saw it with the dark tree behind and finally it worked in the photo, it looked unreal like it does here,

I love that light green grass and want some,

looking at the water on the right of this bed you could be forgiven for thinking it’s in the water garden but this is the ‘dry’ gravel garden, as I have said the garden was wet!

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Beth Chatto garden 1 the long view

Beth Chatto garden 2 the flowers

I left this post on foliage until now to join Christina’s foliage meme please visit Christina’s blog to see more foliage posts, 


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Beth Chatto garden 2 the flowers

in my previous Beth Chatto post I forgot to give a link to the website so here is the link to The Beth Chatto Gardens

in this post I show photos of some of the many plants in flower, there are only a few close up views of flowers as I was most interested in the context of the planting,

I loved the view of these agapanthus with the burgundy foliage behind,

I like the see through quality of Verbena bonariensis,

another wonderful background for these electric blue agapanthus,

you may by now have realised I do have a preference for blue, mauve and purple flowers,

I like the way the blues and purples are echoed in the foliage of the sage and the slender stem of complementary yellow,

update I have now posted all 3 Beth Chatto garden posts if you would like to see the other 2 please follow the links,

the Beth Chatto garden 1 the longview

the Beth Chatto garden 3 the foliage

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Beth Chatto gardens 1 the long view

my weekend away was a weekend in Essex, on looking at a map I found the family I was visiting were not very far from Colchester and Beth Chatto so last Sunday I had a wonderful day just wandering around drinking in the beautiful gardens, I took so many photos I won’t bore you with them all but there will be a few posts on the gardens, this first is the long view as that is what you first notice then groups of plants and individual plants draw you in, several of these photos are 2 or 3 photos cobbled together to better give the long view, before getting to the gardens the weather had been nice dry and sunny as I entered the gardens this happened,

still with views like this a little rain was not going to spoil my day, 

update I have now posted all 3 Beth Chatto garden posts if you would like to see the other 2 please follow these links,

the Beth Chatto garden 2 the flowers

the Beth Chatto garden 3 the foliage

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Fryal garden Aswan Egypt

my little trip abroad was to Egypt, a holiday I saw over 20 years ago and wanted to do as within the holiday were 5 days on a felucca on the Nile, I didn’t get 5 days only 2 days but it was worth it and I’m happy after so long that I have finally had a felucca trip, so moral never give up on your dreams and wishes,

the holiday due to being in Egypt was also full of ancient tombs and temples, too many for me so I didn’t go to the later ones in the holiday but took a walk around town, in Aswan I found this botanical garden early the last morning in Aswan, it wasn’t open as it was before eight in the morning but when I returned just after nine it was open, the only plants with labels were some of the trees so if anyone can give any idea what a plant is I would be grateful,

I think this is a lilac it looked so beautiful with the early morning sun on it, it was labelled and I am posting details where there were labels as they were written, I want to do a search for them but haven’t had time yet,
Family Verbenaceae
Vitex agnus castus

I was fascinated at seeing a (I think) bougainvillea flower close up as the brightly colour part seen is not the flower it seems, the flowers are these little tiny beauties inside the bright ? I don’t know what the bright bit is called,

the red stood out so much against the green in the morning sun,

I love daisies and these interested me as they have this lovely ring of tiny flowers wintin a flower,

these trees covered with the bright orange blooms were every where, not just in Aswan but Luxor too and along the way between the 2 cities, I had thought they were a member of the pea family and the gardens had a few of the trees labelled,  
Family Legumiasae
Poinciana regia

these shrubs were every where too and the flowers seem to change colour as they age,

this tree reminded me of laburnum I don’t know if it is, there were only a few I saw when in Egypt, it is the great long black pea pods that caught my eye,
Family Leguminase
Cassia fistiula

I think I am right thinking this is bougainvillea there were lots every where and they are all beautiful, I loved the way this one has draped it’s self over the rock,

now for a bit of foliage, this beautiful little purple plant was growing around the base of a tree there were just a few tiny, tiny mauve flowers if you look close you can barely see 2,

I found the markings on these leaves beautiful,

the shrub above was planted alternately with this pink and burgundy shrub which is very effective, sorry the photo is not so good the sun was getting higher and brighter reflecting and washing out colour,

just loved these,

now for a few more trees, loved the texture, like plaits,
Family Arecaceae
Hyphaena thebaica

I was amazed by this tree as I have never seen anything like it before, it is big and I kept walking back trying to get more of it in, sadly it looked like it was dying, there was very little leaf or sign of new growth,
Family Bombacaccene
Ceiba panlandra

there were in Luxor and Aswan lots of clipped trees and here in the garden I had a chance to get up close, they are bay trees, I am not sure if the same bay I use in cooking but they did look like the same, with these 2 I liked that some had a single stem other had multiple,

just loved the pattern as I looked up,

again just loved the pattern of branches,

a view of the Nile from the garden in Aswan looking north,

I had put my camera away and was leaving the garden when I saw my favourite animal so had to get my camera out, Egyptian cat,

just loved the expression cat bliss,


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as I knew I would be in Inverness last Sunday morning before I left home I did a search for buses to Abriachan, the only bus that passes on Sunday is the Skye bus so I was lucky, I was going to Abriachan nursery and garden, I took nearly 70 photos and have whittled it down to 20 for this post, well 22 as 2 are 2 photos joined,
one of the first plants I saw was these purple denticulate primulars I have been wanting some purple ones, I have pale mauve, so yes I bought a pot in the nursery,

then I saw this euphorbia and also purchased one in the nursery, that was all I bought as I had to carry it all and had left a large full bag in left luggage at Inverness bus station,

the nursery is on the banks of loch Ness, a very steep garden as it climbs the mountain and as you climb you get some wonderful views of Loch Ness, here I have cobbled 2 photos together,

lots of mossy stones making the terraces, loved this blue haze,

lichen moss with snowdrops

there were interesting planters dotted around, I liked this one which must have been made in situ as the wicker is around the tree stump,

lots of Hellebores dotted around, I loved the way you come across plants, with all the trees you turn corners or step up and there is another surprise,

this is in a new bed not fully planted yet, it was the unusual combination that took my eye, it works so well the red heather with buff coloured grass,

another 2 photos cobbled together looking up the mountain,

another devised planting pocket,

more flowers

loved this tree

and this little chap on another tree

the sun was very bright and made the tree even more beautiful when behind it,

I liked this little combination of harts tongue fern, mossy stone and narcissus

these narcissus have deep orange trumpets but the sun has washed them out abit,

3 large heathers

to this tiny plant in a stone trough

and as I was heading to the nursery I saw these popping out from under the mossy stone,  

I had a nice chat, cuppa and was driven round to the bus stop as there is no footpath, if you are in or near Inverness make time to visit it was a lovely way to spend a morning,


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