a walk in my garden

I have finally taken the photo from the hill and made a map, of sorts, for the walk in my garden, all the photos in the walk were taken on May 31st. I also found a photo taken from the hill when I first moved here so have included it, I have included links to all the walks, it will hopefully give the reader a sense of what my garden was like when I started and how I have gardened in it,
the garden from the hill opposite,
June 2014
February or March 2002
very rough map showing the walks with numbers and direction arrows, I did the map on white paper but it shows a blue cast on the computer,

a walk in my garden 1
a walk in my garden 2
a walk in my garden 3
a walk in my garden 4
a walk in my garden 5
a walk in my garden 6
a walk in my garden 7
a walk in my garden 8
a walk in my garden 9

I hope you can make sense of it all,
have a nice weekend, x

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11 responses to “a walk in my garden

  1. Enjoying your posts and ‘walking’ along with you on your garden walks. Very nice! denise

  2. This is great, now I can really picture it! Thank you Frances.

    • thanks Jessica, your virtual walk in a Scottish garden, if you ever move up here you now have a much better idea of what to avoid when choosing a garden, Frances

  3. followed the map and took all the walks Frances and what strikes me is how much work you’ve done, (some of it very heavy), how much you still have to do and yet how naturally you’ve made your garden grow. I like the fact you have some very different areas – and their names. Learnt a thing or two along the way i.e. I’d assumed pine was no use as mulch. Do your neighbours help out?

    • thanks Laura, glad you enjoyed the virtual walk, something you can do while you can’t get about so much, I learnt about using the pine needles as a mulch from reading blogs across the Atlantic where many seem to use it, it is acidic so on my already acidic soil a thing to remember, because the mulch has never been collected before and built up over the years, it goes quite deep and deeper down it is very broken down/composted, some is even so broken down it is soft with no sign of the original needles, so glad I read blogs and learnt it can be used, Frances

  4. Thank you Frances, you put me to shame for not having made a plan of my garden! You have had too do so much and a lot of it very heavy and frustrating with weeks coming back.However hard it is though you live in a lovely setting and what you have done hasn’t detracted from the beautiful landscape.

    • thanks Christina, I would not have done a map if it were not for these posts, I didn’t want to create a formal garden, I like wild gardens, which is just as well, the wildlife is important to me in my garden though there are a few I could happily do without, Frances

  5. Frances what a lovely view of your garden now and then…so wild an area I can appreciate more how much work it is….I battle the wild but not as you do. You have prompted me to go ahead and make an intensive look at each garden and a map….I am off to read the rest of the garden walks I missed.