winter solstice

the winter solstice is my favourite solstice as it marks the darkest day, from this day forth for the next 6 months each day will be lighter than the day before, we in the north are returning to the light, I always feel a tinge of sadness on the summer solstice but not on the winter solstice,

the weather is wet and windy, so no nice winter photos of sun on frost or snow, everything out there in the garden is mush, I decided to light a real fire and try my lodge pole pine twigs and logs, I wasn’t sure how they would burn, they burn well, very well, must remember the next time I light a fire with them I will use only a very little paper as the twigs make a great kindling,
I wish you all a very happy winter solstice (or if you are in the south happy summer solstice)  x


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14 responses to “winter solstice

  1. Frances, a lovely fire. I am sitting in front of one here as we are getting rain, grey and melting snow with flooding. But the lightness of each day now lifts my heart!!

    Happy Solstice Frances…..

  2. The fire looks very cozy Frances, I love it when you can shut out the cold, light a fire and perhaps some candles and snuggle up with a good book or better still some seed catalogues. A very happy solstice to you. Christina

  3. Enjoy your cozy fire. I too like it when the days get longer and have light until almost 10 pm.

  4. Sorry about your wet and windy weather and garden mush Frances and hope the lovely fire makes up for it. The last owner of our house took out the chimneys so we have no real fires, and the the Golfer (who feels the cold) sits in front of a log effect gas fire instead ;) . I think I feel the same as you about the equinoxes, by the way

  5. Oh I so agree. Even if the weather will get a lot worse yet the longer evenings give me hope.

  6. I agree with you about the winter solstice, the weather may be wet and windy but we’ve turned the corner and even if it takes a while to be noticeable the days are getting longer.
    Happy Christmas.

  7. Perfect way to celebrate the winter solstice, I love it too, helps keep me going through february, which can me grimm, to know that days are getting longer whatever it feels like.