I’m so used to the almost non stop wind and rain that as I finished my morning chores and thought about what to do next I was taken by surprise when I looked outside and realised the wind had stopped and though the air was damp it wasn’t raining!

so I decided to take a chance and change into my gardening clothes and venture out, first job was to take the 2 buckets in the side porch down to the compost bin, having done that I decided to cut up some of the small trees I cut down much earlier in the year, I have kept one open fire in the house and use it for burning paper and wood for wood ash,
I then did some cutting back of the very large olearia virgata in the middle front garden, I’ve been abit concerned with the gales we have been having, 3 gales with 100mph winds and a few years ago I did wake up one morning and found it up ended across the path and garden, also I want to make some shreaded material, by the time I had filled 4 large bags I’d been out for one and half hours and my toes were starting to feel cold, it was also nearly lunch time,
after lunch there was a good breeze but no rain so I decided to go back out for a while, it gets dark here by mid afternoon so I knew I wouldn’t have long anyway, I thought I’d give the small front garden bed a clean up,
carex frosted curls, I love this grass,
I moved some kniphofia here a couple of years ago as I thought it would give a foliage contrast and the kniphofia is starting to fill out now,
there is a cyclamen here,
you can’t see it much in the large photo but there were some patches of the horrid grass in the bed,
that’s better,
last year I cut back both the kniphofia and bergenia, it was ages and ages before they regrew, I even thought I’d killed them so I will not be making that mistake again,
I felt good when I’d finished, I have some compost left from last year so if the weather lets me I’d like to put a mulch on,
after more sustenance in the form of tea and cake, while still in gardening gear I finally sorted out and potted up the bulbs in the side porch, that can be done inside as dark was drawing in, a good day,


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10 responses to “reprieve

  1. I think we have had your wind and rain today. I love that Carex too. And as yet anyway, it hasn’t set seed everywhere like some grasses do. I hope you get a chance to get out again tomorrow, it does feel so good when things start getting done.

    • lol Jessica you are joking, the wind and rain you had is traveling north, as I wrote the post last night I could hear the howling wind! and it’s still blowing this morning and the rain too, our reprieve up here was very brief, I’m just glad it came in the very brief period of day light, Frances

  2. Beautiful carex, and what a precious window of opportunity for a little gardening.

    • thanks Janet, it was, the weather gods must have taken a nap, today they are very active we’ve had wind with rain, hail and sleet! hope you survived the storms, Frances

  3. What a busy day Frances and well done for getting all that done while the ‘weather’ eased off. Glad you had some cake to treat yourself to afterwards! :)

  4. Great you had such a good day outside. I’m sure you slept well after all your hard work!

  5. What a fabulous treat to garden as the solstice dawned…I love that carex as well and have it somewhere in my garden (I think)!

    • it was Donna, this morning (Monday) we awoke to a light dusting of snow, it looked pretty and made the day lighter, by earlier afternoon it was wind, rain and slush! keep warm, Frances