Beth Chatto gardens 1 the long view

my weekend away was a weekend in Essex, on looking at a map I found the family I was visiting were not very far from Colchester and Beth Chatto so last Sunday I had a wonderful day just wandering around drinking in the beautiful gardens, I took so many photos I won’t bore you with them all but there will be a few posts on the gardens, this first is the long view as that is what you first notice then groups of plants and individual plants draw you in, several of these photos are 2 or 3 photos cobbled together to better give the long view, before getting to the gardens the weather had been nice dry and sunny as I entered the gardens this happened,

still with views like this a little rain was not going to spoil my day, 

update I have now posted all 3 Beth Chatto garden posts if you would like to see the other 2 please follow these links,

the Beth Chatto garden 2 the flowers

the Beth Chatto garden 3 the foliage

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18 responses to “Beth Chatto gardens 1 the long view

  1. That does look like a lovely place for a peaceful stroll in the rain. (I love rain, really; yesterday when going up to the summer house I rode the last 15 miles by bicycle in a light drizzle and it was absolutely gorgeous.

    • it is a very beautiful place but the ground was very wet with all the rain they have had this summer, some areas were roped off due to the grass having turnned to mud, light drizzle can be nice constant downpours and flooding not so nice, especially when your home is flooded, all things in moderation, Frances

  2. paulinemulligan

    I’m not surprised you enjoyed your visit, when our daughter lived in Essex it was a ‘must’ whenever we visited, that and Hyde Hall. It is an amazing garden and I got such inspiration from it each time I visited. Also have lots of her plants here as we always came home with the car full of them, now I get them by post. Beth Chatto has a wonderful way of putting plants together and I have learnt most of my gardening from her books.

    • Pauline if I was in a car I would have come home with the back seat full of plants and just along the road from the Chatto gardens there was a house selling horse manure 50p a bag I’d have had the boot full of that! I bought my first Beth Chatto plants spring 2011, I had inteneded buying more this last spring but with all the rain we had being having and then being away for 3 weeks in May I couldn’t but do intend putting in an order this autumn, her plants were a good size for the price much better than many I’ve had,
      I loved many of the grouping of plants she had, Frances

    • Pauline I noticed you deleted the comment I left on your blog so I am replying here on mine, there is no link to your blog from the comments you leave on my blog, Diana is wrong you cannot click through to your blog via your name from your gravata name on my blog, perhaps that is how you like it as you do not want people who read my blog to be able to click through and read your blog, your choice, Frances

  3. Beth Chatto’s garden is by far the most inspriring I’ve ever visited. It is unusual that there has been a lot of rain there. Her Dty garden is one of thebest from which to take inspiration because she doesn’t irrigate – whatever the weather is. I envy you your visit and am glad you enjoyed it. Christina

    • thanks Christina, we had a downpour in the afternoon when I was there that left large puddles in the gravel garden, it was almost sureal, I did enjoy, Frances

  4. Oh Frances these lifted my heart to see the beauty of this garden. I only dream of seeing gardens like this or having beds so impressive as these. I love the colors, textures and drifts of plants.

    • thanks Donna glad you enjoyed a virtual visit, Beth Chatto is very well known over here and her gardens, I realised after I posted I forgot to put a link in but I will remember in the next post showing some of her plantings close up, Frances

  5. if only for the shade gardens and plants I would love a visit. Glad the rain did not dampen your enthusiasm, Frances. Am struck with the pastel colours and the overlapping of your images to give a bigger persepective
    p.s. and thank you for your wonderfully kind offer! Laura x

    • thanks Laura, the overlapped images are not expertly done but I often feel a landscape cannot be fitted onto the regular sized photo and so looses impact, I just hope I give the idea of how it looks, one reason for a pastel look could be that everything was wet most of the time and so light refected making foliage look lighter than some of it is if dry,
      get the train from Liverpool street to Colchester and then bus to Elmstead market, a nice day out of London to treat yourself too, Frances x

  6. So much to see! I know the flowers must appreciate the mild temperatures and all that rain! I like to visit gardens on an overcast day, as it makes for better photos.

  7. Wonderful views, Frances. I would have enjoyed it too, weather notwithstanding. Looking forward to reading the other posts and seeing the garden from your POV.