a weekend away

a quick visit down south on the mainland, Saturday with family and friends, Sunday a garden visit which I will write about in later posts, I had a very enjoyable weekend,
down south is wet! all of England and southern Scotland was wet! on the journey home if it wasn’t pouring with rain the ground was soaked anyway, the bus was nearly at Inverness before I saw a dry road, I know August can be a wet month but I’ve never seen such widespread wet before usually it’s in patches some places wet others dry, weird, very weird,

when I arrived at Victoria early Saturday morning I took a break before travelling on, after 13 hours on a bus I needed to ‘stretch’ my legs and so I went for a wee walk from Victoria train station along towards Westminster, this road is usually jam packed with traffic and the pavements full of people rushing along but early on a Saturday it was quiet, after a while I crossed the road and walked back along the other side, I then got an over whelming feeling of homesickness for London/Lundun as I say it, where ever you go you are never far from green, the trees full of leaf above and another grass area to sit and let the world go by, across the green was an interesting looking statue,

so I turned up the path to see it closer, I love the way it curves,

there was writing, it is a monument to the Suffragettes,

I’ve been along this road many times why before was I always too busy, too much in a hurry to see it, it’s good sometimes to slow down and see what is before you,


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9 responses to “a weekend away

  1. It may not be that you were in a hurry in the past; I think that I heard about it recently. There had never been a celebration of the Suffragettes before and that it was but up this year – could be wrong. London is looking fantastic this year; when I was there in May I was very impressed with everything. Christina


    • thanks Christina, this monument was put up in 1970 by the movement it’s self (follow Laura’s link) so there may be another one put up more recently by the goverment, Frances


  2. paulinemulligan

    What a long way to go for a weekend! People are saying that London is very quiet, everyone seems to be caught up by Olympic fever, they are either at the games or watching it on TV. Lovely sculpture, remembering some very brave women, amazing what you see when you slow down.


  3. Frances, welcome (back) to London! I’ve seen this sinuous monument but would have forgotten where or why.
    here is a uwful info link http://exploringlondon.wordpress.com/2011/01/26/curious-london-memorials-4-the-suffragette-memorial/
    p.s. having a break from gardens and my patiopatch!


    • thank you Laura for the link it is interesting, I noticed you have comments turnned off on patiopatch, at first I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t leave a comment, have a nice break, I looked at your photos when you left the link a couple of weeks ago some beautiful photos, I’ve not been doing quite so much blog reading but will take another look soon, Frances


  4. Truer words Frances…always good t slow down and observe the world. I am so bad at this with hurrying to get everything done. Something I am working on to change. I really like that monument. Getting a way for a bit is also good. I need to do this as well. A break from our everyday lives to take in new scenery has always been refreshing for me…I think it is just what the Dr ordered as we say. Can’t wait to see more of your trip.


    • thanks Donna, a change is as good as a rest, as the saying goes, as I get older I realised that no matter how much you rush around getting things done there is always more to do so I just sort of gave up trying to get everything done and simply do what I can when I can the rest can wait, as I’ve said to you before, take time to smell the roses, or you will be too tired to enjoy your retirement next year, Frances x